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…Everyone loves a WOW feeling, when it comes to food.



Århusgade 87

Århusgade 87 has been through a significant rebuild and opens the doors for happy moments and good taste. We offer the best wok-food, based on passion and true love. All our dishes are made from fresh ingredients with the exciting eastern spices.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday:
15:30 – 21:30
The kitchen closes at 21:15

The wok has for more than 2,000 years been a crucial tool in most corners of the Asian cuisine, and here in Århusgade we have allied ourselves with the amazing Po.

He is one of the few certified Thai chefs in Denmark who just manages to conjure up the wok, so all your senses say WOW!

Po comes to us with experience from gourmet Thai restaurant Khunjuk, the famous Blue Elephant, as well as the Wokshop & the well-known Wokbaren.


01. Po Pier Tood

4 pcs. Handmade Thai spring rolls
(vegetarian contains glass noodles, carrot and white cabbage served with sweet chili sauce)

02. Gai steak

4 pcs. Marinated chicken fillet on skewers, served with homemade peanut sauce

03. Wan Tan

6 pcs. Small handmade dough envelopes deep fried with our own chicken mince and spring onion served with sweet plum sauce

04. Tempura

4 pcs. Breaded king prawns served with sweet chili sauce

05. Thom Kha Gai

Thailand's famous coconut milk soup with lemon grass, lime leaves, coriander and chicken.

06. Thom Yam Khung

Thailand's well-known spicy clear soup with lemongrass, lime leaves, coriander, mushrooms and king prawns


In all the dishes, you can swap between beef, chicken, king prawns or as vegetarian with several different vegetables and tofu.
All the dishes comes with rice, except no. 14 & 15

07. Gang Dang Gai

Roasted chicken and fresh vegetables in spicy red coconut curry sauce

08. Gang Kiew Wan Goong

King prawns and fresh vegetables in a very spicy green coconut curry

09. Panangnuur

Roasted beef and fresh vegetables in mild red coconut curry sauce

10. Massaman Nuur

Specialty from southern Thailand with tamarind, coconut milk, potatoes, carrot and onion as well as tender beef topped with cashew nuts.

11. Gai Pat Metmamuang

Wok fried chicken with fresh vegetables and cashew nuts

12. Patpriewwan

Wok fried chicken with fresh vegetables in homemade sweet and sour sauce

13. Pat Gapaw Nuur

Wok fried beef with broccoli, green beans as well as chili and basil

14. Pat Thai Gai

Fried noodles with bean sprouts, spring onions, carrot, tofu, eggs and chicken topped with peanut crumbs and fresh lime.

15. Khaw Pat Gai

Fried rice with fresh vegetables, eggs and chicken

16. Yam Nuur

The popular spicy beef salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions, coriander, mint, lime and chili.
Soft Drinks

Coca-cola, Coca-cola zero, Faxe kondi 0,33 cl


Coca-cola, Coca-cola zero, Faxe kondi 1,5L



San Pellegrino 0,33 cl


Blood orange and orange with pomegranate



Ginger beer & Rose lemonade


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Århusgade 87, 2100 København Ø


    Opening hours

    Tuesday – Sunday: 15:30 – 21:30

    Kitchen closes at 21:15